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Dear all,

we are finally in the Easter season, the time in which the Church invites us to contemplate Jesus risen. If we travel the way of Love together, pooling our experiences, it won’t be long before we experience the joy of the presence of Christ our Lord in the community united in his name.


When Jesus lived and walked the streets of Palestine, his disciples followed him and he was in their midst; even today he continues to be in our midst when we are united in his name, as he himself has said: “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” (Mt 18,20).

That indefinite “two or more” makes me think that it could also be any two people, even two sinners, who, however, are determined for Christ and have gathered in his name. Consequently, it can deal with two or more of us, who are resolved to reciprocally love each other as Jesus has loved us, that is to the point of giving his life for us. If we are also ready to give our life for one another, as Jesus asks us with his commandment, then

he is in our midst and makes us one. This presence of the Risen Lord in the community is carrier of joy. Jesus among us makes our hearts burn, he is the sun of our life, he is the Saint among us; having had the experience of this his presence leaves an infinite fascination and a deep longing in the innermost of our hearts, in the case that we stray from this climate of communion, resisting against grace. Therefore, the required condition to have Jesus present among us is loving each other as he has loved us, such reciprocal love carries us to be united in the same faith in Christ to the point of experiencing unity of thought and harmony of feelings.

Reciprocal charity lived like this makes the path of holiness easier, illuminating our minds so that to receive light on God’s Will in certain situations, sometimes it is enough gathering in the name of Jesus to “see a question together”, to evaluate the different aspects of a determined issue in order to make the right decision and do the necessary discernment.

Jesus among us makes us a ‘living church’, he spiritually unites every one of us to each other, even if we are physically distant; he puts us in communion with the universal church.

This presence of the Risen Lord in the community united in his name renders us living Gospel, he gives us strength and courage to face the difficulties of life, because mutual help and reciprocal correction permits us to rise again after every fall, and not to stop in front of our limits or those of others.

Reciprocal love expresses itself and is deepened in the various aspects of daily life, making us experience in different ways the joy and light of Jesus living and working among us, he causes us to live with an evangelical spirit our work, the administration of the few or many goods which we possess, our relationships with others, our prayer, our studies, the way we arrange our house, our way of dressing, updating with others and listening to news from the Church and society. When we are united like this in love, Jesus is with us in everything we do; we are and move around in his presence, we are guided by his wisdom in living the various concrete aspects of our life.

If we nourish our availability to give our life for one another, cultivating within us the life of grace, restarting after every fall, we will learn to live always more constantly with Jesus in our midst, immediately reconstructing the unity every time it crumbles.

In fact, it is not possible to experience the presence of the Master among us if we close ourselves to the action of God’s grace.

On the other hand, if we are united in such a way to be and become a living community enlightened by the light of the Risen Lord, our testimony will conquer hearts and others will recognize us as authentic disciples of Jesus.

The presence of the Risen Lord in the community warms our hearts, opening them to understand the Sacred Scriptures, as it happened to the disciples of Emmaus. Great is then the power of prayer done together, it obtains everything, from the big to the little material and spiritual things. we obtain whatever we ask the Father because it is Christ among us who asks for it, as he himself affirms: “Again, I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything for which they are to pray, it shall be granted to them by my heavenly Father. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” (Mt 18,19-20).

Jesus among us is, so to speak, our holiness, he alone is the Saint, and we cannot aspire to our own presumption and impossible personal perfection, but rather aspire to participate in his life, being with him, for this reason I would like to conclude praying:


O Jesus,

you know our weakness and our limits;

you know that we aren’t saints,

but only in love with you;

you alone are the Saint.

Our path is you present among us.

If, however, so that Love would be loved,

it is necessary that we be saints,

make us saints

make us saints, for you, for your glory,

for your triumph among us.

Make us saints, as hundredfold

for having sought your kingdom among us. Amen.



A very blessed Easter!

sr. Nunziella Scopelliti


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